Pre-Conference Workshop Day

August 24 | Workshop A: 9:00am - 12:00pm EST 

Vertical Farming 101: So You Are Thinking of Starting A Vertical Farm


With the vertical farming sector growing at a faster rate than ever
before, there are an unprecedented number of people joining the
community and starting their own farms. This workshop is your whistle
stop guide covering all aspects of starting and successfully running your
vertical farm.

This workshop will aim to tackle the following topics:

  • Where geographically does it make sense to start your vertical farm?
  • Which size farm will give you the best return on investment?
  • How big farm is too big? Tackling the challenges of scaling a vertical farm
  • How to select the right technological providers and engineers to build your vertical farm
  • Getting the cash flowing: How to get your vertical farm up and running fast
  • Setting out the main goal of your vertical farm: What will it take to realize this?
  • Which size farm makes financial sense
  • Qualifying a building for a vertical farm

Workshop Leaders

Marc Kreuger

Marc Krueger
Gloabl Head of Innovation
Seven Steps to Heaven

August 24 | Workshop B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Diversify your Crop Yield: Exploring Alternative Crops for Vertical Farms


With the leafy greens and micro greens markets well established for vertical farms, there is a growing movement within the community to explore alternative crops in order to diversify their channels of income and maximise return on investment. This workshop will explore the market economies of cannabinoid and hemp production among others and analyse what it would take to begin growing alternative crops.

This workshop will aim to tackle the following topics:

  • Understanding what you can grow VS what you should grow on a vertical farm
  • Exploring the economic and logistical viability of alternative crop markets
  • Financing alternative crops: What does this model look like and how to find appropriate buyers and investors in these markets

Workshop Leaders

Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones
Digital Farming

Stefan Schillberg_Fraunhofer IME

Stefan Schillberg
Head of the Division Molecular Biotechnology
Fraunhofer IME