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Developing Smarter, Greener and More Profitable Vertical Farms

What is the Digital Advancing Vertical Farming Summit?

Global food production as we know it is at the beginning of a huge transition. Innovative agricultural technology has opened a new farming paradigm, moving the cultivation of crops to a fully controlled indoor environment. Global food security is falling under increasing pressure as the frailties of traditional food supply chains continue to be highlighted. Now more than ever before, there is an urgent need to identify and develop innovative methods of sustainable food production at both national and local scales.

Vertical farming stands to be one such solution, a promising avenue of food cultivation that is truly sustainable.

For such a vision to become reality, there are several unique and complex challenges to vertical farming that must be overcome. Only then can vertical farming realize its true commercial, social, and environmental potential.

The Digital Advancing Vertical Farming Summit is set to unite indoor farming industry leaders, academic scientists, investors, policymakers, and buyers to tackle the industries greatest challenges enabling you to optimize your farms' productivity, sustainability and maximize profitability.

This will be an unrivaled opportunity to join like-minded thought-leaders from cross-disciplines in the indoor farming sector and foster new connections and partnerships.

Download the full event guide for further details on speakers,  the digital agenda, and how to join those who are re-defining vertical farming.

"A great way to get an understanding of what is happening in the industry and see the breadth of activities involved. It is helpful to see the end-to-end picture all the way from the farmers viewpoint to scientific approaches, product development, regulatory challenges, financing, and even bringing a product to market"
Previous Speaker, Syngenta

"The best conference in the agricultural microbiome space - a great mix of basic scientific research and product development from universities, multinationals and start-up companies. Congratulations!"
Previous Delegate, BioConsortia